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We process your materials according to your wishes

Ground, sawn or centred? We deliver your steel and metal processed so that you can start processing immediately.

With our prefabrication you save valuable time and capacity in your production processes. As our steel professionals process your material quickly and reliably. Here we present the extensive possibilities of our machining. What can we do for you?


We saw your material according to your individual wishes and drawings. Professional sawing is particularly worthwhile for long cutting surfaces. We saw diameters of up to 1,200 millimetres for you.

With our high-quality saw park, we set high-precision cuts and reproduce your standard parts with the greatest accuracy. This way, you receive your items in the right length right away and can safely and conveniently start further processing.

Our sawing professionals have special sawing equipment even for unusual wishes. Contact us now for your individual saw cuts and saw series.

Longitudinal turning

For high-precision measurements: The cutting contact during longitudinal turning continuously reduces the diameter of your pipe or rod.

In longitudinal turning, we move the turning tool longitudinally to the rotating workpiece; that is, parallel to the axis of rotation. Please also ask us about the more sophisticated hollow cylindrical finish from the inside. We reproduce your exact outer and inner diameters precisely according to your wishes and drawings.


When centring, we determine the exact axial centre of your rod. Usually with precise, centric punching of the ends, for example by means of a press punch.

For efficient rotationally symmetrical processing of metal rods, some of which weigh several tonnes, the exact centre point must be known. We will happily take on this task for you and centre your material with the utmost precision. We are able to do this thanks to coordinated support surfaces, lifting devices and centring tongs.


Whether square steel pipe or round bright steel rod: On request, we can deliver your material with chamfered edges.

Edge breaking or rounding serves visual and technical objectives: Chamfered edges are more attractive and ergonomic, and also far easier to stain and paint.

A chamfer is the narrow, bevelled surface on the edge of the workpiece and is created by machine turning or linear milling. When chamfering, sharp edges are broken in this way, usually at an angle of 45 or 30 degrees. Chamfering smoothes sharp-edged burrs to prevent injuries and to simplify your subsequent work steps.

Thread cutting

Most threads today are created by chip-removing thread cutting. Our experts will be happy to take on this technically demanding task for you.

Internal threads are usually created by tapping. A standard drill first creates a core hole for this purpose. A tap drill then cuts the thread in the core hole. The result, for example, is metal nuts with internal threads.

External threads are often cut from the bolt shell using a die, for example for metal bolts or screws with external threads. A nominal diameter of M10 stands for a screw outer diameter of 10 millimetres.


Deburring increases the quality of your workpieces. It reduces the risk of injury, facilitates subsequent assembly steps and ensures the subsequent smooth functioning of your components.

Burrs like to appear on the edges and borders of workpieces. During deburring, we remove splinters and fraying on cut edges, which usually occur during previous machining steps.

We use brushes, files, grinding, vibratory grinding, water jets or heat for deburring. Rotating round brushes or manual files glide over the cut edges. In vibratory grinding, workpieces, abrasives and additives enter a moving drum that grinds the burr round like a pebble. Thermal deburring ignites a gas mixture around the workpiece to smooth thin burrs even in inaccessible places.


Milling produces flat surfaces, grooves, spiral grooves, serrations, threads, curves or even complex three-dimensional shapes.

We mill manually or with the help of our fully automatic CNC machine tools. We make a distinction between face milling (for flat surfaces), circular milling (circular-cylindrical surfaces), form milling (flat and spatial surfaces), hobbing (flat and spatial contours), profile milling (defined profiles) and screw milling (threads).

We also optimise numerous cutting parameters, such as cutting speed, feed motion, cutting width or pressure angle, specifically for your desired contour and surface.


Facing or face milling is one of the most common applications of milling. The technical goal is to achieve precise, completely flat component areas.

Depending on the tool, we distinguish between cylindrical milling, end milling and disc milling. And depending on the working direction, between face milling, peripheral milling, step milling or combined face/peripheral/face milling.

From shoulder and sealing surfaces to guide surfaces and complex front surfaces of tool chucks. Feel free to ask about our technological possibilities for facing.


When peeling, we remove the unevenness of the rolled material by the rotationally symmetrical surface machining of round steel. This makes the surface smooth, bright and free of defects.

Improvement peeling produces an edge layer free of cracks and decarburisation. Chip removal during peeling is extremely fast and enables short machining times. You will notice: We have highly efficient options to ensure your order is processed very quickly and precisely according to your wishes.

Thermal treatment

Blasting and priming cleans and preserves the surfaces of your components.

Blasting with sand or steel balls, for example, ensures a clean material surface, which, among other things, enables better machinability without disturbing scale plates. A second advantage is that no new flash rust can develop as a result of the preservation.

Blasting and priming

Blasting and priming cleans and preserves the surfaces of your components.

Blasting with sand or steel balls, for example, ensures a clean material surface, which, among other things, enables better machinability without disturbing scale plates. A second advantage is that no new flash rust can develop as a result of the preservation.

If you have any questions about our machining or any special requirements, then please feel free to get in touch with us.
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In addition to our huge selection of steel and metal, you benefit from our expertise, experience, friendliness and, last but not least, our fast deliveries. Steel trading is our business and has a long tradition with us: We want to inspire you again and again with our strong performance, our comprehensive service and our excellent steel price.

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With high-quality products and our great service, we set new standards again and again. Highest quality characterises all areas of our business, from order acceptance to service and delivery.

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