International Metal Service Stahlhalle

The Management Board

We are fast and reliable. No matter what, no matter how much, no matter where. What really matters is that the required goods arrive on time. And we are extremely good at that.

Andreas Willer, Managing Director of International Metal Service Germany

Management Board

International Metal Service Andreas Willer
Andreas Willer
Managing Director
International Metal Service Markus Blumhardt
Markus Blumhardt
Managing Director
International Metal Service Uwe Buschle
Uwe Buschle
Managing Director
International Metal Service Martin Kasnitz
Martin Kasnitz
Managing Director
Your benefits

In addition to our huge selection of steel and metal, you benefit from our expertise, experience, friendliness and, last but not least, our fast deliveries. Steel trading is our business and has a long tradition with us: We want to inspire you again and again with our strong performance, our comprehensive service and our excellent steel price.

International Metal Service Qualität


With high-quality products and our great service, we set new standards again and again. Highest quality characterises all areas of our business, from order acceptance to service and delivery.

International Metal Service


Special packaging, storage, prefabrication, express delivery or material testing. With our comprehensive service offers, we make your work easier.

International Metal Service Liefersicherheit

Delivery reliability

Our huge warehouses are full of steel and metal. Over 80,000 tonnes are immediately available and with you in the shortest possible time. On time and reliable.

International Metal Service Standortnähe

Locations near you

With ten locations from north to south, we are one of Germany’s largest steel traders. Our network of branches guarantees you short and cost-efficient routes, regardless of your location. And thus, the fastest deliveries.

International Metal Service Weltweiter Einkauf

Global purchasing

As part of the JACQUET METAL Group, we source our articles from 160 suppliers in 25 countries. For you, our global purchasing means the largest possible selection and availability of thousands of steel and metal items.